Gala & Fundraising

Fundraising is a significant way that NKA Ikem Esit Charitable non-profit organization obtains money for yearly operations by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. These operations involve a very broad array of concerns to our Communities in USA and in Calabar, Nigeria. We tend to organize Special Events on regular basis such as Gala events then invite friends, coworkers, other Non-Profits Organizations and local businesses to support the event and ask for donations at the venue of the events, or individuals can mailed or use an internet as another means to generate donation by asking people to go to our website: and make donation.

For example, this year on June 21, 2014 NKA Ikem Esit is organizing a big Gala fundraising event to coincide with NKA 21st Anniversary taking place at University of Maryland, The Marriot Inn & Conference Center. Please be there and celebrate with us and donate generously. Thank You!!!