There are five Standing Committees


1. Medical Supply Committee


Is to be a source whereby unexpired medical supplies from donors in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are kept in storage for shipment.


The goal of the Medical Supplies Committee is to provide medical supplies to a tertiary hospital or Medical Facility in Calabar, Nigeria for distribution free of charge, to needy residents in Calabar and neighboring villages.


Twice a year, NKA will ship medical supplies from the US to Calabar via Lagos, Nigeria at NKA’s expense. Once the medical supplies arrive in Calabar, the recipient hospital or medical facility is notified to take delivery of the shipment, and distribute the medical supplies free of charge, to needy residents in Calabar.

2. Health Fair Committee Members


Health Fair takes place in order to bring health care awareness and services to underserved population in Langley Park and its environments in Maryland.


We provide screening programs for various conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Breast Cancer screening, Eye and Dental screening.

This health promotion activity provides early intervention and decreases morbidity in the population.


Health Fair events are carried out every 2 year and various members are appointed to the committee.

3. Website Committee


Provide information to NKA Ikem Esit members and At-Large members and to the public.

Promote and market NKA Ikem Esit Charitable organization services such as selling advertisement space for members, clients and the public.


To strive for a design that’s user-friendly, dynamic and beautiful.

To create a site that targets the appropriate audience, that’s with Non-Profit approach

To Design a user-interface that flows freely, allowing users to navigate easily and find what they need quickly and efficiently.

To provide an event information outlet, outreaching to NKA Ikem Esit members, public and also embarking on increasing membership drive.

To provide measurement tool, such as counter and others measurement tools; without measurement we cannot methodically improve our website flow.


Website is updated with new information on Monthly bases or as needed by Team members.

4. Membership


The objective of the membership committee is to reach out to Efik sons and daughters in Washington metropolis to join NKA, also to reach out to those who have been members before and have stopped coming to meeting


Is to increase the awareness of NKA in the Washington Metropolis


Quarterly Membership drive and we encourage all members to bring in Efik indigene to our monthly meetings.

5. Social/Welfare/Cultural