Nka Ikem Esit membership  is an all-volunteer, dues-paying organization committed to providing various charitable programs and services year round, both locally in the DC metropolitan area and in our homeland in Calabar, Nigeria. Membership is open to all sons and daughters of Efik, Efut, and Qua lineage and their families. In addition, persons who share Nka’s Vision, Mission and Values are eligible for honorary membership status in the organization. A person of Efik, Efut or Qua lineage residing outside the DC metropolitan area can join the organization as an ‘at-large’ member and will be bound by the membership requirements set forth in the organization’s constitution and bylaws. The organization holds a monthly meeting on the first Saturday of each month and a conference line is available for dial-in participation of members.

Click here to download and complete a NKA membership application.

For more information on membership, send an email to or contact the Chairperson of the Membership Committee, Mrs. Imelda Feludu, at 240.620.1419.